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Did you use to play this game as a kid?

Now you can relive your memories. This deceptively simple
game packs more logic than you might think.
See if you can beat the computer.

Magic Balls: Stylish looks - instant hooks

This Bubble-like shooter has a very classic game look and it plays slightly differently.
You can match 2 balls and you shoot straight up. Seems easier until you realize
time is running out quickly! So play this game and train your eye-hand coordination now!

Board=bored. Online=fun.

You’ve played before using pen and paper or the board
version, but now Battleships, the classic logic game, is
here with all its glory for you to play online.

Don’t lose your dream to become a surgeon!

Train your eye-hand coordination by playing
Mouse Avoider. The rules couldn’t be any simpler:
just lead the mouse from point A to B. The problem
is that nobody ever said the road would be easy…

Which way up? Left? Right!

The way to the top looks straightforward, but this rock climbing game has more than meets the eye.
Just make the right decisions on time.
One blink and you fall. So, Climb It Right!

Sharpen your knives and do some cuttin’

Splitter 2 is a game of logic and cutting skills.
Think hard, cut well and guide the ball to its destination.
A must-play for physics-based game lovers!

Play Higher! - Get Higher!

Higher! - a gorgeous game of reflexes and wit you wouldn’t want to miss!

Now here’s a popopopular game for you!

Popopop… What can more catchy than this fun logic game?

Flying head first into a cube can be nasty

Abstract graphics rocks! Test your reflexes and avoid the cubes. Go play Cubefield Game now!

It’s Sokoban on steroids!

Silversphere, the newly added action-puzzle game, will have you screaming either with frustration or delight. Depending on how you practice your cognitive abilities.