Sharpen up!

Mind Impulse is a series of puzzles that will test a variety of cognitive skills.
It’s a nice brain teaser, but if you want to do better, you can always train your brain professionally.

Train Your Reflexes Without Getting Wet

Test your reflexes by playing Ballistic Biscuit (your kids can join in the fun, too).

Give your brain a massage by playing Sudoku

Brain games. Brain Teasers. Sudoku. It really goes without saying that Logic=Sudoku.

It’s you and your mouse against a moving path

Maeda Path, an abstract looking, yet beautiful looking game will test your eye-hand coordination abilities.

Climb your math to the top!

Sure your algebra is good, but is it quick? Play Math Mountain and see how you function.

Your tame desktop has turned into a battlefield!

Desktop Tower Defense is a great strategy game. Your desktop will never be the same again…

Are you smarter than average penguin?

See how your logic skill are by playing Penguin Push.

Penuin Push - A Game of Logic

Ready for some brain training doodle?

Get your mouse ready and play Scriball. It will help you develop your visual skills.

Play Scriball

Math games can by fun, too!

Exercise your math and logic skills with this great game: Brain Machine.

Brain Machine: A cool math game

See if you can find your way in THIS maze

It may appear simple enough at first, but Click Maze 2 is tough. You will need a keen eye to maneuver around the bends.